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What is Ferox Anima?

Ferox Anima is a new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that combines elements from several genres to offer a unique experience.

Fight to be the best, using the elemental skills of a hunter and several ferae to defeat your enemies.

What are ferae?

Ferae are fantastic and wild creatures that show an elemental affinity to one or several elements.

Each fera learns a basic skill and has certain characteristics that are unique to its species. In addition, it can learn multiple special skills that it shares with other ferae of its own family.

Some ferae, can also mutate, transforming into other ferae of their own family and offering new options.

Ferox Anima Ferae
Ferox Anima Cazadores


Hunters are warriors and tamers. It is them who give orders to ferae during battle and who train them, making them stronger after each battle.

Every hunter is specialized in training ferae that share certain specific characteristics, empowering their skills and using their own skills to support your ferae during battles.


There are multiple main elements in the world of Ferox Anima. These elements, are connected to each other, being every element strong or week against other elements.

Every fera shows and affinity to one or several elements and every skill that both hunters and ferae use also channels its power through a certain element. The element of a skill and that of its target, determines how effective that skill is in combat.



In dungeons, players face unique challenges. Together with other players or by themselves, they have to overcome every obstacle in their way until they reach the end of the dungeon. Every dungeon holds a unique treasure that can not be found anywhere else.


The Arena offers different kinds of battles and different modes for teams of several players but there are always two constants for every player: one hunter and several ferae under his control.